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2023 Campsite Rates

Rates include 2 Adults & 3 kids under the age of 18, water and electric.
Limit of one camping unit per site. Additional vehicles: $2.00.
No smoking, and no pets in Cottage rental units.

Tent Site

 $47.00 / Night

$282.00 / Week

RV Site

 $53.00 / Night

$318.00 / Week

Pull Thru

 $55.00 / Night

$330.00 / Week


 $57.00 / Night

$342.00 / Week

Cabin* (max 6 persons)

 $125.00 / Night

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Add $4.00 to all campsite rates on Holidays.

5% discount on weekend and daily rates for payment in full in advance by phone.
5% discount does not apply with any other discounts or on monthly or seasonal rates.
Ask about our club rates!


Scheduled Pump-Out $6.00 / each

Unscheduled Pump-Out $12.00 / each
Dump Station No Charge*
* at time of departure. $10.00 fee for use upon arrival and for off the road usage.
On / Off Site Towing $4.00 / way
Storage - no electric $50.00 / month
Paddleboat Rental $5.00 / hour

Guest Rates (in effect except on noted weekends)

Adult (Persons 18+)
$5.00 Day Visitor * | $6.00 Overnight **
Child (Persons 7-17)
$4.00 Day Visitor * | $5.00 Overnight **

* Day visitors must be out by 8:00 pm.
** No overnight guests for Cottage Rentals.
Maximum 4 visitors per site.

General Notes

Tent / RV Check In / Check Out: 3:00 PM / 2:00 PM.
Anyone arriving before 2:00 PM will be charged a $15 early check-in fee.

Cottage Rental Check In / Check Out
: 3:00 PM / 11:00 AM.
Add $4.00 per night to rates on holidays.


Required within 7 days of making reservations.
Holidays and Special Weekends must be paid in full.
All others require 1 night deposit.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is necessary, deposits will be refunded as follows:

  • Cancellation at least 14 Days Prior to Arrival - Refund, less $10.00 fee.

  • Cancellation at least 5 Days Prior to Arrival - Rain Check for future day within the calendar year.

  • Cancellation less than 5 Days Prior to Arrival - No Refund or Rain Check.

  • $15.00 early check-in or late check-out fee, when available for your site.

  • Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we do not give refunds or credits due to discomforts of nature or early departures.

Cabin Rental #1

Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground

Our Lakeside Cabin Rental features two rooms plus bathroom with shower, accommodating up to six persons. One room includes a double bed and set of bunks. The second room is a kitchen and dining area. The kitchenette includes a stove, sink, under counter refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, and utensils. The cabin is equipped with a heat / air conditioner unit. A screened-in porch overlooks our 4 acre lake. There is also an outside picnic table. Rental does not include linens or personal items. In addition to the rental fee, a one night’s security deposit, in cash, is required at the time of check-in, returned after check-out inspection. Weekends require a two-night rental, with three nights on holiday weekends. Check-in time is 3:00PM; check-out by 11:00AM.
No smoking, pets or overnight guests in rental units. $125.00 per night.
Weekday Cabin Special: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – $100.00 per night.

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Cabin Rental #2

Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground Cabin Rental at Red Run Campground

Our Lakeview Cabin Rental features two rooms plus bathroom with standup shower, accommodating up to six persons. One room includes a full-sized bed and two cots for kids. The second room is a kitchen and dining area with table seating for four people, along with a futon. The kitchenette includes a sink, small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and utensils. The cabin is equipped with a heat / air conditioner unit. A large covered porch overlooks our 4 acre lake. There is also an outside picnic table and grill. Rental does not include linens or personal items. In addition to the rental fee, a one night’s security deposit, in cash, is required at the time of check-in, returned after check-out inspection. Weekends require a two-night rental, with three nights on holiday weekends. Check-in time is 3:00PM; check-out by 11:00AM.
No smoking, pets or overnight guests in rental units. $125.00 per night.
Weekday Cabin Special: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – $100.00 per night.

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